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    Published by on July 19, 2020

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    Rated 5.0/5 based on a selection 4 customer reviews out of thousands.

    • Significant Improvement
      "The Greenstester is a significant improvement over the Stimpmeter than not only provides an accurate assessment of green speed, but also can be used to assess putting trueness."
      5.0 Stars
    • Useful for Greens Management
      "The Greenstester offers Greenkeepers and golf professionals the ability to measure the consistency of putting surfaces quickly and easily. For too long the focus of greens assessment has been solely on green speed; the Greenstester will provide an indication on how true the greens are actually putting. This will be useful for both greens management and golf teaching purposes."
      5.0 Stars
    • More dependable than the traditional methods
      "The greens tester is a much more accurate way of defining both uniformity in green speed and also how true the surface is than any other tool available at an affordable price. The way it works in my opinion is more dependable than the traditional methods and is far more precise with less room for Human error.
      The ball release has far less room for bounce at the bottom of the slope thus giving a more consistent reading, it will be good to have in the armory for anyone endeavoring to produce quality putting surfaces."
      5.0 Stars
    • Exciting and Affordable
      "Having been a fascinated observer during the process which saw the Greenstester conceived, tested and manufactured, I can see nothing but benefit from its use. A simple and cost effective measuring tool that if used on a regular basis, will create a bank of meaningful and, more importantly, useful, statistical information relating to the performance of putting surfaces. From where I sit the golf industry is onto a winner and what's more golfers seem to be genuinely interested in finding out more when they have come across the Greenstester in use on the course.
      Without doubt all golf clubs should have access to one of these very affordable tools which will benefit Course Managers, Secretary/Managers, Green Committees and golfers. One of the most exciting and affordable developments to hit the course maintenance market for many years."
      5.0 Stars
    • List of customers so far:
      Walton Heath Golf Club
      The Berkshire Golf Club
      St Andrews Bay
      Royal Copenhagen Golf Club
      Queenswood Golf Club
      Spa Golf Club
      Royal County Down Golf Club
      University of Arkansas
      Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links
      Turnberry Resort
      The Castle Golf Club
      Elmwood College
      Silver Lakes Golf Estate
      Grange Golf Club
      R & A Competition Committee
      Portmarnock Golf Club
      The Island Golf Club
      The Rosslare Golf Club
      Moray Golf Club
      Hauger Golfklubb
      5.0 Stars

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